Dream roller coaster

Dream Roller Coaster Welcome to the whimsical world of “Dream Roller Coaster”!But watch out! This ordinary bed transforms into a magical roller coaster ride, filled with twists, turns, and surprises!In this book I tried to surprise the little boy’s dreams and imagination intertwining in a fun and playful way. So hop aboard, hold on tight, […]

Mama’s pijamas

Mama’s Pajamas This book provides a space for big, hard and scary feelings. “If you have ever struggled with your mental health, all the while still loving and caring for your child or children, this book is for you. You are brave, you are beautiful, and you are doing a great job.” -Kaila A boy […]

Truffle cat

Truffle Cat Luka’s hometown is known around the world for its delicious truffles. In Truffle Cat, a new adventure begins as Luka, a city cat, enters a journey to learn the secrets of becoming a truffle hunter. 2023 Author: Zack Helminiak View the book on Amazon

The Tale of Alexander the Brave

The Tale of Alexander the Brave Alex is a shy kid who is fascinated by super heroes, loves to play with his cat and to draw. However, there is one big problem: he isn’t as brave and strong as his heroes. So it begins his plan of turning himself into Super Alex. I enjoyed so […]


Meet Myrtle the Magical Turtle Meet Myrtle, the Magical Turtle! An adorable book about a character who is finding a friend despite their differences. At the beginning of the book Myrtle feels lonely. His purple shell keeps the other animals away and he just wishes to be like everybody else. In the end, is it […]


Kunibert the Hedgehog Found Love It’s a self published book written in German. Kunibert is a hedgehog who comes to teach us about love, friendships and self-esteem. Therefore, when facing these new emotions he comes to realize what makes him truly happy. 2022 Author: Ildiko Reiser

I Wish I Was as Brave as Dad

I Wish I Was as Brave as Dad How important it is for children to have a role model in their life? When speaking about bravery many will say that their dad is a key figure. When illustrating this book, I tried to put the accent on the dad and son relationship and also on […]

King and Idols

Kings and Idols This story follows a young boy who lives a safe life, but decides to trade it for a more captivating one. Is it worth to leave a light spot for the dark one? Did he made the right choice? Author: Ramona Neagoș

Fairytale Puzzle

Fairytale Puzzle “The Cunning Fox Outwits the Gullible Bear” is a beloved Romanian traditional story written by the renowned author Ion Creangă. This tale has stolen the hearts of children across the country for generations. Now, they can rediscover it in a fun and playful way by piecing together a captivating puzzle that brings this […]